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Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you all from the bottoms (and tops) of our hearts. We wish you and your family’s all the best.

Our New Office

We’re happy to announce we’ve just about moved into our new office location.

This Week: Infinite Leverage

Story of The Week New-brokerage-firm-kid-on-the-block, Robinhood, made news this week when a merry group of traders found and exploited a bug in Robinhood’s software allowing them to create infinite leverage in their accounts.

This Week: Ok Boomer

Quote of the Week “Ok Boomer” Yep. This is the rallying cry of Gen Z and Millennials alike. At its extreme, Ok Boomer is the sign of frustration that they are done with excuses when it comes to acting on climate change or financial inequity. It’s their version of older folks being,”The Man.” As a …

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