Building better lives connecting
financial planning with behavioral science.

Built For Quality Advice.

Quality advice doesn’t live in one-size-fits-all solutions.
It doesn’t live on screens or in call-centers.
Quality advice comes from someone who gets you.
And maybe that’s us.

Built For Answers.

Fee-Only. Fiduciary.
No hidden agenda. All your questions answered,

Built For Answers.

Fee-Only. Fiduciary.
No hidden agenda.
Quality advice without the suit and tie.

Built With Thought.

The (not-so) secret to living a full life is being intentional about what you want.
We think it’s smart to spend quality time defining what’s truly important to you.
Using techniques like mind mapping, visioning, values and behavioral coaching, we help you dig in… to you.

Built For You.

You are unique, and so are our solutions.
Wherever you are on your journey, our mission is simple:
work with you to make better money decisions.

Who We Work With

You might be thinking:

  • Am I spending too much or saving enough?
  • How do I deal with uneven cash flows?
  • Am I considering everything I should be?
  • Most of my net worth is locked up (in a business or equity, grants, RSU, ISO), how do I diversify in case things don’t work out as planned?

We’ve been there, we understand. You might be thinking:

  • I make good money, and I wish I knew where it all goes.
  • Divorce is expensive.
  • I’m thinking about changing jobs, can I afford it?
  • I’m picking up the pieces and could use some experienced guidance.

You might be thinking:

  • I’m entering my peak earning years. I need to get serious.
  • What will my income look like if I retire now?
  • When is the best time to take Social Security?
  • Which accounts should I be focused on funding?
This is Erika. She’s awesome.
She can also help you find which of our services might work for you.