Gabe Anderson, CFP, CLU, ChFC

President, Director of Financial Planning

Gabe started his planning career almost ten years ago at a leading national firm in Milwalkee, Wisconsin. He moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to where he and his fiancée call the coastal community of Venice, California home.

Growing up in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, Gabe believes it is his midwest upbringing that gives him a strong work ethic. An Eagle Scout also, Gabe credits his family with his sense of doing the right thing.

Gabe enjoys Los Angeles car culture, the beach, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, and snowboarding. He graduated from the School Of Business at the University of Wisconsin and completed his Certified Financial Planner designation studying at UCLA.

Why are you here?

Due to my age, I’m considered a millennial and that likely means I’m interested in “making an impact”. Turns out, making an impact doesn’t need to be done on a massive scale. Getting a sincere thank you from a client and having an extremely meaningful relationship with them just fills me up inside!

As a professional, I get a profound feeling of gratitude by using my experience and education to work together to make a lasting impact on your life.

What quality of yours makes you best suited for what you do?

Empathy and gratitude. I’m thankful that I’ve been given the life experience to make a massive impact in your financial lives.

What makes you great at your job?

It has to be a combination of the experiences I’ve had preparing over 1000 plans throughout my career and the literal joy I get out of the conversations I have with our clients, the AHA! moments that pop up, and sifting through all the minutiae to break down and make your financial life run efficiently so that you know we have your back.

What are you trying to do better?

Balance, focus, and being proactive which I can achieve by better organization to leverage what I’m good at, and finding people to help with what I’m not good at.

What keeps you up at night, during the week?

I honestly sleep pretty well and if something keeps me up at night it’s a nuanced detail and not because I’m unhappy with the big picture. In life, things will happen that we have no control over. I’ve made my peace with that (for the most part) so I focus on what I can control.

What gets you up in the morning, on the weekends?

It’s actually pretty funny, I get up earlier on the weekends than I do during the week and it’s usually due to some sort of automotive event. Car show, autocross, or track day.

What makes you proud about GDP, inc.?

We have the coolest clients and we appreciate each other. We’ve built up a lot of goodwill among ourselves and know that when we challenge each other it’s an opportunity for growth rather than a confrontation that would emotionally bankrupt some people.

What do you think makes customers happy?

Working with your equal. What we accomplish by working together is what you would do on your own if you had the same amount of time into this as we did. You’ve chosen to delegate some of your lives so that you can use the leverage in other areas that you find important.

What personal accomplishments are you most proud of?

Becoming an Eagle Scout, studying for and obtaining my CFP, succeeding in business, having amazing relationships with my friends, family, and fiance Megan.

What’s one thing we should know about you?

I’m a car nerd. I’ve taken several cars apart to the bare chassis and built them back up including engine swaps, auto to manual transmission swaps, and tackling the complicated wiring component of doing both of those. Essentially, I like dissecting things in order to make them run better and more efficiently, all the while learning something new!