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Our Process

Working with us on an on-going basis is what it’s all about. Having a relationship with a trusted advisor not only saves time but money too, by avoiding missteps and behavioral snafus through better decisions.

Effective Wealth Management is the mitigation of risk through the ongoing Hand-Crafted financial planning process, conversation, implementation, and investment management. All of our relationships begin by going through the planning process. It’s through this process that we get to know you, your finances, your thoughts around money, and your life goals to help you live a fulfilling and efficient financial life.

We take a proactive approach to our Wealth Management relationships and use a service calendar to guide our conversations so that you know what to expect and can be sure that we’re covering our bases together on an annual basis.

If you’re shaking your head ‘yes’ after reading all of this, it’s worth having a chat to see if we’re a good fit.

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Scott Andrew Bell

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Gabe Anderson


Why should you pay someone to manage your investments?

Anyone can manage their own investments, just like anyone can build their own house or work on their own car. It just takes time, experience, and research to become proficient. We’re happy to give you some of the tools we use for free, too.

So why would you hire GDP to advise you on your finances? Here are a few reasons:

  1. You prefer to focus on your living your life and your passions instead of updating plan assumptions, learning things like insurance, researching investments, and spending time trading and rebalancing your portfolio based on what is happening in the world.
  2. You know you would benefit having someone to keep you focused and disciplined when things seem irrational or too complicated.
  3. You would benefit from having conversations about the things that matter alongside your money, with someone who will offer an objective perspective.
  4. You sometimes avoid dealing with your money because you don’t enjoy the process.
  5. You want a third party to give you the comfort that you’re not missing something, and having a trust partner to keep you aware of any blindspots.
Our Wealth Management Relationships have access to all we have to offer.
  • Dedicated Investment Adviser And Personal Certified Financial Planner
  • Custom Portfolio Design — Working With What You Have To Build A Better Portfolio
  • Integrated Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Personal Account Concierge. Making Sure Everything Is Where It Belongs
  • Low-Cost Portfolio Line of Credit (offered by Charles Schwab & Co, Inc.)
  • Banking Services Offered Through Charles Schwab & Co, Inc. and TD Ameritrade
  • Accounts Held At Your Choice Of: Charles Schwab & Co, Inc., TD Ameritrade, Or Interactive Brokers (Non-US Residents)
  • DataPoints On Spending Patterns To Understand More About You, And Partners too
  • Focused Personal Development Conversations To Create Clarity About What Makes You Tick
  • College 529 Plans Offered Through Vanguard Investments
  • Expense Analysis And Goal Tracking
  • Friday Expense Reports
  • Sunday Night Performance Summaries — Ready For Monday
  • Monthly Reports That Make Sense
  • Ongoing Risk Reports And Monthly Check-Ups
  • Monthly Personal Check-ins (Video/Phone) To Review Your Financial Health
  • Quarterly Personal Reviews (Video, Phone, Or Our Office)
  • Pricing starting at $7500 a year

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