Hand-Crafted Financial Plans

Built just for you.

Finding your signal through the noise.

While most financial plans spend the great majority of their time on the dollars and cents of your plans, we think it’s smart to also spend focused time deepening your understanding of what’s important to you.

Our comprehensive process makes sure your plans are centered on your values. Your plan is also designed to give you clarity and confidence about what you need to do to ensure you’re on-track and considers the “what-ifs” along the way.

Working through our process happens over 3-5+ meetings and takes 2-4 months to work through depending on the depth required. At the end of this process, you’ll have a plan that’s specific, measurable, and tied to you. We call this your Hand-Crafted Plan.

Step one

Start With The Foundation

A house needs a good foundation to last, and your financial plan should be built with the same level of care.

We believe that having a solid financial foundation in place is pivotal to your success. Our process begins with a review of your foundation. If we feel any areas are deficient we will take you through our Cashflow Coaching process to make sure they remain a strong focus. The foundational pieces are:

  • Tracking Net Worth
  • Monthly Expense Tracking and Cash Flow Management
  • Reasonable Cash Reserves

Our award-winning portal (eMoney owned by Fidelity) is designed to help you track your expenses and alert you when something is awry (large expenses & bank fees to name a few). Stay connected to your money with our weekly executive summary emails.

Now that we know you have a solid foundation, we can begin your planning process.

Step two

Dig in, to you.

Money without a purpose is just paper (or digits on a screen). That’s why we work with you to help define what makes you tick. Using behavioral science to help guide us, we learn more about your attitudes surrounding money and wealth.

Our Vision, Values, and Goals process combined with our Building Wealth and Financial Perspectives analyses give us enormous insight into what makes you tick and a framework for us to have focused conversations that are meaningful. Investing the time to find your true north is what makes our process unique and ensures the plan we build together has a positive impact in your life.

Step three

Your Goals – Measured

Our Hand-Crafted Financial Planning solution is an all-encompassing package to get you using your money as a tool to accomplish your goals and live your ideal life. Our financial planning process exists to answer both your pertinent financial questions and get you thinking about the questions you haven’t thought to ask.

Through our process, you will find us discussing such topics as: Budgeting, Net Worth, Retirement Planning, Insurance Planning, Tax Planning, Education Planning, and Basic Estate Planning. Our process exists to provide you answers, fill any existing planning holes, and get you on track.

Your Hand-Crafted Plan includes:

  • Executive summary and action steps with details on items needing attention
  • Investment analysis which includes:
    • Asset Allocation Review
    • Portfolio Risk Review
    • Fund and Investment Management Expenses Analysis
    • Analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
    • Investment Suggestions
  • Vision, Values, and Goals Mindmap
  • Results from your behavioral science quizzes
  • Access to your portal for as long as you like

Starting at $2400 we’re ready to build a better plan with you.

  • Getting Organized
  • Vision, Values, and Goals
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Light Estate Planning
  • Investment Analysis, Planning, Education, And Recommendations

We accept credit card and ACH payments. We ask for a deposit of $1200 and the balance due upon your approval of the final plan.

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