Getting Organized

During our session together, we’ll link and sync as many online accounts as we can. It will be vital for you to have your username and passwords ready and your phone for any additional verifications that a site might require.

For some things, the information we need might live on a PDF.
These are the documents that we’re often looking for: 

  • Statement of Coverage: 
    • Life
    • Auto 
    • Umbrella 
    • Homeowners/Renters
    • Earthquake 
    • Long-term and/or Short-term Disability (might be company provided)
    • Long Term Care
  • Divorce Agreements (Alimony, Child Support, Settlement Agreements)
  • Employee Benefits Handbook
    • Disability
    • Company Life Insurance
    • HSA/FSA
    • Any other monetary benefits
  • Stock Options Statements
  • Annuities: Fixed or Variable — the latest statement
  • Mortgage Statement with Origination Date, Original loan amount, rate, payment
  • Social Security Statement of Benefits (Get your benefits statement here –
  • Copy of Last Tax Return Filed