Success affords choices. 

Welcome to yours.

DIY. With Help. 

Sometimes doing it yourself is more personally rewarding, but you're just not sure where to start. We understand.  

Focusing on "getting it right" for investors, Cambria index funds are designed to help everyone invest smarter; built with their data-driven approach, using time-tested research to construct their indexes. Low-cost, completely transparent, and tax-efficient. 

We're fans. And, we're here to help you build a better Cambria portfolio for you to manage your own portfolio. 

With our quick online 3-step process and 30-minute online review, you'll be on your way.

Your report includes: 

  • Suggested asset allocation for your DIY portfolio
  • Specific fund recomendations
  • Comprehensive risk analysis report
  • Retirement map with savings goals

Second Opinion

Maybe you're not sure if your portfolio is doing as well as it should. Or saving as much on fees as you could. 

That's why we created Second Opinion. Some advisors offer free reviews, in hopes of earning your business. We just want you headed in the right direction, whether you decide to work with us or not. 

A comprehensive, easy-to-understand look at your portfolio with one of our consultants to help.

Our in-depth people-powered portfolio analysis includes: 

  • your current asset allocation vs. your risk tolerance
  • your portfolio performance vs. its index-based benchmark
  • your current fees & fund expenses vs. lower fee funds
  • comprehensive risk analysis 
  • estimated income calendar
  • 2 sessions with your personal portfolio consultant  

Carefully curated for you. 

Cambria Digital Advisor + GDP Wealth

Cambria Digital Adviser offers an easy-to-use, thoughtful online asset management service. GDP Wealth enriches the Cambria Digital Advisor experience with our award-winning portal, Orion.

Offered exclusively to Cambria Digital Advisor investors. 

The hub of your financial life:

  • Automated monthly portfolio check-ins 
  • Sunday summary reports delivered to your inbox (for all your accounts)
  • Best in-class performance reporting available on-demand
  • Risk numbers updated daily
  • Track your expenses 
  • Help desk for assistance with your portal

Hand-Crafted Financial Plans 


Spending time to develop and define goals and dreams are an important step toward defining your future. Meanwhile a smart financial plan also considers worst case scenarios along the way. 

Building your plans on knowing what makes you tick and what you value makes your plans timeless. As part of our process, we help you crystallize and define your values and how they tie into your goals. 

While most financial plans spend the great majority of their time on the dollars and cents of your plans, we go a step further, to make sure your dollars and cents plans make sense in relation to your values.

We think it's smart to invest quite a bit of time helping you clearly define your values and your goals. We use a unique mind-map exercise to help you drill into the details of what makes you tick. 

At the end of the day, we help you create a plan that's specific and measurable, while also being realistic.


Private Wealth Management 

The sum total of our efforts helping you reach the sum total of yours. Private Wealth Management for relationships starting at $1million.

Custom Portfolio Management & Financial Planning.


  • Dedicated Personal Adviser
  • Coordination with your tax and legal professionals
  • Executive Level Reporting 
  • Third-Party Banking & Lending Services
  • Secure client portal with document storage
  • Custody services offered by Charles Schwab and Interactive Brokers 
  • iOS app for your Apple smartphone